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Growth Consultancy & Fund Raising


We implement AI driven, low-cost solutions for SMEs to find new clients and new investment.


Growth consultancy and fundraising services for small and medium size businesses.


We use AI-driven, low-cost solutions to help our clients find new customers or markets and secure new investment opportunities.


​Peer-to-Peer Networking, with a focus on collaboration and authority building.


Multi-Channel: Personalized LinkedIn, Email & Video Messaging.

​Innovative sentiment analysis of keyword interest in your product areas.

AI Workflows & Agents trained for your business.


We have worked with over 250 clients in a wide range of sectors.


Opus generates Family Office & UHNW relationships with a focus on Tech, SaaS, Defence & Security, AI, Real Estate, ESG & Professional Services.




Founded to source equity for our own Real Estate & Venture projects.


The same methodology that raised over €200m in equity from multiple investors is now deployed to help our clients.


Typically, after successfully sourcing investment rounds we are asked by Founders to implement go-to-market solutions.



We are British management with a Ukrainian team, working from offices in Kyiv, London and the US.


Our CEO James Canning-Cooke leads a senior team with expertise in financial services, consultancy, tech launches, sales & marketing, and successful multi-million euro fund raising projects across Europe.

  • 22 yrs in Private Equity, M&A Advisory, Fund Management, Strategy Consulting

  • Broadgate Capital, AntibesCap, Mulberry Tree Capital, BBC, Lawrence Somerset

  • Sectors: Real Estate, Food, Defence & Security, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Data

  • BA, Oxford

Top lead generation company
Top venture capital fund raising company
Top client acquisition company


“Opus Growth Partners provided us with invaluable advice and support in securing funding for our startup. Their expertise and guidance helped us achieve our funding objectives and set us on the path to success.”


Sarah Jones

Top lead generation company in Ukraine
Top seed fund raising company
Top fund raising company
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