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The unique selling proposition (Part 2)

What is a unique selling proposition, and why should you have one?

A unique selling proposition answers the question every potential client asks in their head.

That question is: “Of all the myriad choices available to me, why should I choose you?”.

Put another way, your unique selling proposition has to put your business in a category of one.

Those two lines determine whether everything else you’ve written and produced is engaged with.

For us, our unique selling position is: “We put messages that sell, in front of audiences that buy, through the channels they love.”

In isolation, it may sound trite to some. However, compare our message to that of most marketing firms: ‘Here to make your business grow faster’. ‘Specialist B2B marketers.’

‘Honest, professional marketing experts’. A tally of how many expert marketers make remarkably similar claims for themselves will delight the cynics among you.

Most messages are not unique, and tell you precisely nothing about what the company does that is different from everyone else.

You may like our unique selling proposition, or you may not. But we tell you something very specific about our entire process. Implicit in our USP is an outcome.

How is your USP working for you?

Contact us to find out more!

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