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The Irresistible Offer

Whatever industry you are in, whatever products or services you sell, you must have an irresistible offer.

Similar to any great sales letter (to include sales scripts, video scripts, adverts, etc), an irresistible offer must take into account a wide range of considerations on the part of the customer. Here are a few actionable things to consider:


Deciding how to handle price is key. There are many different ways of doing this. Ultimately, the perceived value (in the eyes of the customer) should be far above and beyond the actual cost to the business of providing the goods or services.


Another factor in a great offer is the element of time. Time pressure stops your audience from being distracted before they complete a purchase. It stops them from shopping around or being persuaded by another offer. Any great offer gives your audience a reason to buy now.


The final key feature of the irresistible offer, for today’s post, seems obvious. Yet, it’s something most companies don’t do. Simply, your offer must explicitly ask your audience to take action. Next time you watch the ad break on TV, check out how many companies manage to actually do this.

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